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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Grilled Eggplant for Pizza

This is how to grill sliced eggplant
to use on a baked or grilled pizza.
It has grill marks and tastes great.

1 large eggplant
Olive oil cooking spray
sprinkle of salt to taste

Preheat grill to high heat.
Cut ends off off eggplant and using a vegetable
peeler remove most of the skin leaving some on.
Cut the eggplant in half lengthwise and place each half
flat side down on a cutting board.
Make 1/2" lengthwise slices keeping the eggplants together.
Spray gril grates with cooking spray and place both sliced
eggplant halves on grill to char on the cut side.
Cook uncovered to get grill marks on it then open up
sliced eggplant placing them flat on the grill.
Spray eggplant slices with cooing spray, turn slices over
and spray other sides with cooking spray.
Cover lid and cook about 5 minutes then turn the slices
over to cook, covered another 5 minutes.
Or until char marks appear and heated through.
Remove and sprinkle with a little salt.
Let slices cool before using as a pizza topping.

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