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Thursday, August 21, 2014

How To Freeze Grilled
Whole Corn on the Cob

Corn on the Cob when in season is great.
I cook some up and freeze them in bags.
Take them out in the middle of winter
and reheat them in the microwave oven for
a summer time taste on a cold winters day.
You can boil the corn with good results,
in this recipe I grilled the whole corn on cob.

24 fresh corn on the cob

Shuck the corn and remove the silks.
Preheat outdoor gas grill to high heat.
lace corn on grill grates, cover the lid.
Cook for five minutes, turn over corn.
Close lid and cook another 5 minutes.
Remove corn to cool before placing in
zip lock freezer bags four per bag.
I like to cut the ears of corn in half
which makes easy serving sized pieces.
To reheat, microwave for 2 minutes.
Serve with melted butter and some salt.

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