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Monday, September 12, 2011

Sour Bread Dough Pizza

O.k. I cheated and used an already
baked sourdough bread in this recipe.
This is so good tasting you must try it.
I added some crumbed sour dough bread
to the dough and the taste was amazing.
You can taste sour dough in the crust.

1 store bought pizza dough
1 store bought sour bread, crumbed
(I used a food processor)
pizza sauce of your choice
toppings of your choice
dried oregano and what ever

Place the dough in a mixer,
add the sour dough crumbs.
Mix to combine and then wrap
in plastic wrap to refrigerate overnight.
Remove dough fro wrap and roll out.
Top with sauce and what ever else.
Bake, slice and eat.

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