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Thursday, April 11, 2013

NCS Pastrami on Rye

NCS is North Country Smokehouse.
Thier Montreal Smoked Brisket is
simply an all beef pastrami.
A really good tasting high end
of an all beef pastrami.
I ordered a few packages from them
and upon arrival opening up the
shipping package my aroma senses
were exited from the unmistakable
aroma of the applewood smoking.
Even from from inside of the
plastic sealed smoked meat products.

For a single serving sandwich:
2 slices deli rye bread
2 tablespoons Real mayonaise
1 teaspoon grated horseradish
1 slice of provelone cheese
1 slice of swiss cheese
1 slice a red ripe tomato
1 or 2 leafs of lettuce
1 dill pickle on the side
potato chips on the side

Your on your own on this one!

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