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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Microwave Made Sweet Tea

Sweet tea is made using a simply syrup
steeping a few bags of black tea leaves.
Making this tea couldn't be any easier
and is a real treat to drink on a hot day.

1 cup cold water
2- 4 tablespoons sugar
6 black tea bags
6 cups cold water

Place the one cup of cold water in a
two cup glass measuring cup.
Heat on high setting in the microwave until hot,
it should take about 2 minutes time.
Remove from microwave ad stir in sugar.
Add in the tea bags ad let steep 10 minutes.
Remove tea bags squeezing between two spoons.
Pour warm black tea into a serving pitcher and
fill the serving pitcher up with 6 cups cold water.
Refrigerate for two hours and serve in glasses over ice.
Some like to garnish with a slice of fresh lime or lemon.

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