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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Strawberry and Orange Dessert

Here's a simple yet elegant dessert.
I bought strawberries to make a shortcake
and forgot to get some whipping cream.
So I came up with this great tasting dish of
strawberries and oranges on Ricotta cheese.

2 cups whole milk Ricotta Cheese
24 fresh strawberries
2 fresh Navel Oranges
2 tablespoons sugar
sprinkle of salt or to taste
white wine

Remove stem from strawberries and
slice in have or quarters if they're big.
Place the strawberries in a mixing bowl.
Peel oranges and separate segments then
add the orange segments into mixing bowl.
Sprinkle strawberries and oranges with sugar.
Place ricotta cheese onto serving plates and
sprinkle cheese with salt to taste.
Spoon some of the fruit mixture on top of cheese.
Serve with a glass of white wine on the side,
at least that's what I drank with this dessert.

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