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Friday, May 16, 2014

Chicken Fried Burger King Steaks

The Burger King hamburgers are already cooked
all you need to do is to dust them in flour,
dip them in egg wash and coat in bread crumbs.
Because you freeze them they don't get over cooked.
Brown them in a fry pan and serve with a gravy.
I tried this recipe using McDonald's burgers and
prefer Burger King's, Can't wait to try Wendy's.

Hamburgers from Burger King
eggs, beaten
dried bread crumbs
canola oil for frying
some beef gravy.

Go to your local Burger King restaurant and get
a few plain hamburgers without tomato ketchup.
When you get home remove the burgers from the buns,
throw them in one layer into a zip-lock bag and
into the freezer to freeze for an hour or overnight.
Preheat a fry pan, dip each frozen burger in flour,
then dip in egg and then in bread crumbs.
Fry up these prepared burgers into great tasting
Burger King Chicken Fried steaks served with gravy.

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