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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

BK Burgers Secret Smoky Taste

BK's burgers are 100% beef burgers
with more added beef flavorings.
They add flavorings to the ground beef
from a company called Red Arrow.
They condense natural wood smoke
 into a refined smoke concentrate
that BK adds to their beef.
It gives BK burgers grilled flavor.
To achieve this BK burger taste at home,
all you have to do is add a few drops
of liquid smoke, into a cup of water,
some brown sugar, salt  and MSG.
Add dashes of ground black pepper and
let it sit for a few hours to mix up good.

Mix in a few grilled onions,
add a few fresh sliced tomato,
some sliced pickles and your good to go.
Add in BK's special sauce and your all set.
Your welcome !

Red Arrow’s Condensed Natural Smoke is a refined smoke condensate created from a 100% natural proprietary process using only heat, water and filtration. It’s that simple.

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