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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Pie Poached Apple

Baked apple pie without the crust.
Stuffed with spices and poached
before finishing in a microwave.

cold water
4 Golden Delicious apples
4 teaspoons brown sugar
4 teaspoons butter
4 dashes ground cinnamon
4 dashes ground cloves
4 dashes salt

Cut 1/4" of the tops off the apples.
Remove the apple core and seeds.
Stuff apples with butter and spices.
Place apple tops back on the apples.
Place the apples in a sauce pan and
fill the pan up with water 3/4 up the apples.
Remove apples and place the pan of water
on high heat and bring to a boil, turn off heat.
Place filled apples in water and allow to simmer
for 15 minutes, then remove apples to a plate.
Cover apples on plate with plastic wrap.
Place apples in microwave and cook on high
for about 5 minutes, then remove to cool.

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