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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Soft Boiled Egg
in a Baked Potato

This is an easy way to make a soft boiled egg
with the added enjoyment of the yolk running
together into a tasty hot baked Russet potato.
I like this with a little sour cream and butter.

For each serving:
1 Russet potato
1/4 cup water
1 large egg
dash of salt
dash of pepper
butter to taste
sour cream to taste

Rinse potato in water removing any eyes.
Prick the potato few times with a fork.
Place potato in a glass cup with water.
Microwave potato on high for 5 minutes or so.
Remove potato from cup when cool enough to handle.
Cut a circle in top of potato and scoop out enough
to make a bowl for the egg to sit into.
Crack egg into potato bowl and microwave
on high for 30 seconds, turn off microwave
for 10 seconds then turn on again for about
30 seconds or until egg is soft cooked in potato.
Season egg with salt and ground black pepper.
Serve with sour cream and butter on the side.

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