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Saturday, March 29, 2014

American McDonald's Poutine

In Canada, McDonald's Restaurants offer Poutine,
a rich gravy poured on top of cheese curds served
over a box of their famous tasting French fries.
This is my recipe for a great tasting Poutine.
I use string cheese in place of the curds that are
readily available in the dairy section of food stores.
Make your own gravy or simply use store bought.

For each serving:
1 large size McDonald's french fries
1 package plain fresh String Cheese
1 jar of beef flavored gravy

Place McDonald's French fries in a cold saute pan.
Slice or use scissors to cut up sting cheese and place
the cheese all over McDonald's French fries in the pan.
cover and heat on medium util cheese is starting to melt.
Meanwhile heat gravy in the microwave and when hot
pour the gravy over the poutine sitting in the saute pan.
Serve warm.

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