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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Snacking on Canned Tuna

When I was young one of the best snacks
on earth was to open up a can of tuna fish.
Back then a can of tuna fish was 6 ounces,
today with the down sizing of things it's 5 ounces.
Packed in water or in oil, your choice, drained.
Eaten right out of the can with some mayonnaise.
Simple, no cooking involved and good for you.

1 can of tuna fish
1 tablespoon Real mayonnaise

Using your teeth or a can opener,
open up the can of tuna, do not remove lid.
Using your fingers and holding the can
over the kitchen sink, press the lid into the can.
drain most of the liquid out of the canned tuna.
Remove lid and dump tuna into a mixing bowl.
stir in Real mayonnaise and use a spoon to serve.
At this point you can put it between slices of bread.

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