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Monday, September 1, 2014

Heaven Between Hamburgers

The Heaven between this burger is in the cheese.
Soft Gruyere and Hard Gorgonzola together
between two beef patties is amazing tasting.
I add on some sun dried tomatoes and a few
hot pepper flakes for a great taste combination.
This would be a good thing with smoked bacon.

For each Heaven Between Hamburger:
1 hamburger bun, butter toasted
2 ground beef patties
Gruyere cheese
Gorgonzola cheese
Sun dried tomatoes
Hot pepper flakes

Preheat grill or a griddle to cook the burgers.
Place beef patties on griddle, cook one side.
Turn over and place cheese on top of each.
To assemble pat burgers together with cheese
between then place in between hamburger buns.
Top with sun dried tomatoes and hot peppers.
Add with what ever other toppings you desire.
This is good with Iceberg lettuce and dill pickle.

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